Welcome to TinyAss.com, the place where you will find only the most beautiful, sensual women experimenting in the most intimate ways. Let yourself be drawn in by their stunning presence. Sit back and enjoy as they tease you by slowly disrobing piece by piece until they are completely vulnerable for you to see. They won�t stop there. A naughty woman appreciates naughty toys, and they don�t hold back as they pleasure themselves, often to the point of orgasm.
Description: Long legs, dirty blond hair, and from somewhere in Europe is what Terri is all about. With her wearing almost nothing, she sits down and starts the seductive solo show. The first highlight is her beautiful round bum peeking through her white thong that is pulled to the side. As if she isn't sweet enough, she pulls out a dildo and some whip cream to make things really heat up. As she pleases herself for a while, she casually wipes herself off gets dressed and goes on with her day.
Length: 17.59 | Photos: 38 | Update: 18/06/2008
Description: This funky dressed babe gets out the toys and the noise as she begins with touching herself, eager to show us all her assets, and that she does as her ass is the first star of the scene. She leaves her hand stockings on as she rubs her half shaved pussy into a whirlpool of wetness so she can start using her wine bottle, dildo, and her anal beads. The wine bottle tastes like pussy and her double penetration of the dildo and her anal beads make for a stardom finish. This girl has a wild side.
Length: 30.06 | Photos: 47 | Update: 11/06/2008
Description: Victorie is a very touchy, feely babe who wants us to know it form her sensual but persistent attitude. Her long legs really define her body as she makes her way to the wicker couch to show off a little more. She then gets out the glass dildo and gives both her holes a taste of the solo action as she cries like a cat in heat. As she gets out her wine glass full of liquid cream, she paints her body with it to sweeten things up. It pours down to her pussy in style as well. She gives us a little bum flash as she finishes off this all in one session.
Length: 25.55 | Photos: 70 | Update: 04/06/2008
Description: Hanka is confident with her mind and body. This is all proof right off the bat with her personal eye contact the whole way through. She works her sweet butt up on the bathroom counter and makes her pussy beads disappear in a moment of sensuality. Her pink panties get a taste of her pussy too as she inserts them as much as her horny mood can. Her display of solo performance is nothing but passionate and off the wall sexual. This new series will get your mind appreciating this solo girl like no other.
Length: 28.15 | Photos: 64 | Update: 28/05/2008
Description: One brunette with a big dildo and a glass of milk is what Eufrat is all about for this solo session. Her big brown eyes and her confident smile capture the vibe she'll be giving off for the whole scene. Her wandering hands compliment her curvy body all over until she gets out her main weapon, a purple vibrator that really turns her on as her knees crawl to her ears for easy access, which in my opinion is the sexiest position a lady can be in. Having said that you'll see for yourself. Watch for the last surprise, let me give you a hint, it's white but it's not cum...
Length: 25.56 | Photos: 57 | Update: 21/05/2008
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